Privacy Policy

The data posted on Gathio lives on a server that Raphael Kabo runs. He will not look at your data or share it with any third parties in any way beyond the ways which Gathio is set up to share data (event and group pages).

All data posted to Gathio is publicly accessible on the Internet, so please keep this in mind when creating events and groups. Do not post anything that you do not want to become public!

When creating events and groups, and when adding yourself to an event, you have the option of providing your email address. This is used only to send you relevant notifications about the event, and you can opt out of these emails at any time by removing your email from the event or group.

Events are deleted from the Gathio database a week after they conclude. All email addresses are linked directly to an event, so they will also be deleted at this time.

Gathio uses a third party mail service, Sendgrid, to send emails. Sendgrid has its own privacy policy, which you can read here. Sendgrid will store your email address in logs and for the purpose of sending emails.


This privacy policy was written by Raphael Kabo and is provided under a Creative Commons Zero License, meaning the contents are in the public domain.